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SolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading GlassesSolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading GlassesSolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading Glasses

SolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading Glasses

SolarX Eyewear runs Cleveland Marathon!

SolarX Eyewear was represented by John Norris, Mike Mahoney, Mike Thompson, Mike Nash, Shawn Donahue, and Lisa Saddler in the Cleveland Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10k races this past Sunday.  Keith Maysey also would have run, but did not get the green light from his doctor.  Keith’s torn ACL and meniscus injury that he suffered earlier in the year had not healed enough and thus prevented him from competing in the race.  While disappointed that he could not participate directly, Keith still attended the race to support his fellow team members from SolarX.  We were proud to be well represented at such a fantastic event both directly by our team and indirectly by the number competitors and spectators we saw wearing our sunglasses.

Mike Thompson tested one of our sport wrap styles, NK06P, and gave it two thumbs up.  Mike was not used to wearing sunglasses while running or training.  I gave him the polarized sunglasses and urged him to try them for a mile or two.  “If you don’t like them, then just throw them out at one of the water stations,” I said.  He agreed.  Being unable to communicate with Mike during the race, I often wondered how the sunglasses were working out for him.  Then, about 5 hours and 53 minutes later, I saw Mike coming down the home stretch still wearing his shades.  After the race, Mike commented how thankful he was to have those sunglasses.  The polarized lenses were also a big help.  The sun could not have been brighter on that beautiful day in May so Mike was very thankful to have the sunglasses shielding his eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Mike has made those polarized sunglasses a part of his regular running gear for the next time he trains or has a big race.

If you've never been to a marathon before we highly recommend it.  Even without participating, it's still a lot of fun to be there on the sidelines to cheer on someone you know. You'll also find yourself cheering on that runner you don't know but you can see that they just need a little boost to finish the race.  We even got to see a man propose to his fiance' just after crossing the finish line.  That was awesome.  After crossing the finish line together he immediately got down on one knee and proposed.  That was fantastic.  Like I said, it was a lot of fun and we can't wait to be a part of it again next year.  Just don’t forget your sunglasses – if next year is anything like this year, you’re going to need them!


  • Mike Nash

    What an exciting day!  I'm incredibly proud of all that participated and thanks to those that rooted us on.  SolarX Eyewear represented itself well on race day!

  • Mike Thompson

    Last Sunday was an unbelievable experience!!!  I was only going to run the half marathon but was convinced by a customer of mine, Jarrod Sanders, who was running the full marathon to go for it and run the full.  Jarrod and I ran a half marathon in February in Georgia in preparation for the full marathon but I suffered a stress fracture during my training that set me back.  On Saturday I made the decision to run the full and when I crossed the finish line I was overwhelmed by what I just accomplished!  I had a great time with the SolarX family on Sunday and I thank everyone for the support.  Also, I want to thank Chuck Flynn who drove to Ohio from New York to take pictures of everyone on race day.  Thanks again to everyone and great job to everyone who participated in the race!  




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