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SolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading GlassesSolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading GlassesSolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading Glasses

SolarX - Wholesale Sunglasses and Wholsale Reading Glasses

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Seasonality of the Sunglasses Business

Well summer came and went and we hope that you all had a fabulous one! The SolarX team just returned from a great NACS show and we are getting ready for a busy holiday season.

As the fall comes into full wing, particularly on the East coast, it's still a great time for sales. There is no better time to stock up on the classic styles, and think outside the box for extra sales. People don't just wear sunglasses in the summer! I wear them every single day, no matter the brightness level. Eyes need protection year round and creating some signage that reminds your customers of that can be a great tool.


Also, if you don't already, make sure that you have a stock of reading glasses. As the weather turns chilly, you're likely to see a resurgence of "mall walkers" returning from their summer strolls outdoors seeking some climate controlled strolling. They will love to see that you carry readers. Keep a variety around as they will likely choose several.


Don't forget repair kits- another great item to have on hand. When working, you probably can't count how often you get asked to repair glasses. Help them tighten a screw and then sell them the kit for next time!

We hope that you are having a great week, and let us know how you handle the changing seasons!

SolarX is proud to be your wholesale designer sunglasses headquarters.

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Sunglasses for UV Protection

Sunglasses aren't just about style, they are about protection.

"Unprotected exposure to the sun presents an increased risk for serious vision problems, like cataracts, abnormal eye growths, cancer of the eye and surrounding skin, and age-related macular degeneration. UV rays harm the eye by penetrating the cornea and damaging the internal structures of the eye. This can lead to serious short- and long-term issues."

-Ophthalmology Times, May 29, 2013

At SolarX we think it is important to remind your customer that when they are buying a pair of sunglasses from you, they are getting a pair that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays from their eyes.


Children are even more susceptible to UV rays, and should always be in sunglasses when playing outdoors. Studies have shown that most damage to the eyes can be done before a child turns 18 years old. Make sure you are stocked up with plenty of kids styles.

wholesale-sunglassesYour team should have a basic knowledge of how UV rays can affect the eyes not only so that they can answer questions, but so that they can use the key feature of protection as a selling point on any pair of sunglasses. Remember, all of our sunglasses meet the FDA required Z80.3 ANSI standard in addition to all European standards.

SolarX is proud to be your wholesale designer sunglasses headquarters.

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Ready for flight school? Aviators will be a summer 2013 must!

Summer 2013 will see the tried and true aviator continue to be one of the most popular selling sunglasses styles on the market. The classic aviator is a top seller and a must showcase style. We recommend putting them in a highly visible area on your cart. The iconic shape is an attention grabber and will likely be the first tried on.


 Wholesale designer sunglasses from SolarX.

Aviators are a style that looks good on both men and women and finding the proper size for your customer is essential to your sale. That is why it is important to carry several styles so that you can easily fit your customer. Some people look great in smaller frames while some can support the bigger lens style. We love the RB-05! whole-sale-sunglasses-aviators

Nothing says cool quite like a great pair of aviators. Celebrities love them and SolarX carries a variety of wholesale designer aviators and other sunglasses in all of the current and popular styles! Make sure to order up and be ready for business on those sunny days!


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We love being your wholesale sunglass headquarters! What new styles would you like to see from us?


New styles- wholesale designer sunglasses from SolarX!

 We're exited to share some new wholesale designer sunglasses that we think you are going to love!

SolarX is your wholesale designer sunglasses headquarters! Check out some of the latest styles that we are sure will be this season's top sellers.


With summer just around the corner, it's time to spruce up those displays for spring and make sure you are ready to rock and roll for those bright and sunny days! Stay ahead of the game and make sure your most popular styles are in stock. Wayfarers, aviators, hipster styles with fun colors and fresh shapes are as popular as ever!


And make sure to keep your classic styles in stock as well. The above styles are back in stock and available as of Friday.

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Make more retail sales

It's not enough to simply know you're product at your cart or kiosk sunglasses business. Take it to the next level by having 3 or 4 "go to" styles for sunglasses customers who just can't seem to find the right style to fit there face. I like to go with distinctly shaped frames that compliment the main face shapes particularly well. For example, one of my favorites is our DG01 which has an angular design and thus compliments round and oval face shapes very well. wholesale designer inspired sunglasses women's plastic frame For men I like the MJ01. This style doesn't get tried on nearly as much as it should. It's just not a style that jumps off the rack at your customers. But it's purchased over 90% of the time when I suggest it for a hard to fit customer. wholesale-men's-metal-wire-frame-sunglasses The last tip is to keep an assortment of children's sunglasses, especially the DGs, up near the register. Make a sign that says "Smaller Frames" and these styles will start flying off the shelf. Women with smaller faces will buy sunglasses from your new section. KDG4 sells especially well. Sunglasses for women with small face shape




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